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Sat 04 June to Mon 06 June 2022

Entry $25 per team - minimum 2 anglers on boat. 

Stay Away the entire time. Be back by 4pm Monday for final weigh-in.

No Briefing. Prizegiving Monday at 5.3pm - Trophies only.

2022 June Sat 04 to Mon 06

Queen's Birthday Weekend Comp!

3 Day fishing event where you can stay away the whole time.

Must weigh all catches back at WDSAC if not Tagging and Releasing.

2023 - January Sat 7 & Sun 08

Our fun 'icebreaker' to kick of the 2023 season!

2023 - January Sat 14 & Sun 15

Awesome contest for the juniors to get involved in! Great fun had by all and to top it off some brilliant prizes to be won!!

2023 - January Sat 28 & Sun 29

Calling all Tradies!! No matter what your trade this one is for you! Fish (from boat or land) Saturday and Sunday then have the Monday off to relax and recuperate. 

2023 - February Sat 04 & Sun 05

A chance for the Gals to show the Guys just how it's done!! Loads of prizes to be won, including best dressed team. NZ Luxury Marine Services are ready to spoil you girls rotten!!

2023 February Sat 10 & Sun 11

A MASSIVE tournament here at Tutukaka - a chance for the Small Boats to show the Big Boats just how it's done! Don't miss the chance to win some wicked prizes!


The NZSFC Nationals 2023 will be held for a week starting Saturday 18 February and finishing on Saturday 25 February.

2023 February Sat 18 to Sat 25

2023 March Thu 02 to Sat 04

This prestigious tournament attracts anglers from across NZ - always keenly contested, with a lot of fun thrown in. 

3 Day tournament this year with option to stay away the entire time! However .... should land a fish, you must return to WDSAC to weigh in only.

2023 NZSFC YOUTH NATIONALS Easter Holidays

The NZSFC Youth Nationals 2023 will be held during the APRIL school holidays and the competition is split into TWO age groups. 12 and Under / 13 to 17 years.

The dates of the competition will be Friday 07 April to Saturday 22 April 2023

2023 June Sat 03 to Mon 05

Queen's Birthday Weekend Comp!

Entry Form

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Contest Form Sent. Please pay fees into our bank account 03-0497-0186604-00 or you can pay at the office. Please remember to call into the office prior to the contest to collect the starter bag and your team number.


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