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NZSFC Nationals - 18-25 Feb 2017

NZSFC Nationals - 18-25 February 2017

Air Vanuatu Tutukaka One Base 1-4 Mar 2017

Air Vanuatu Tutukaka One Base Tournament in conjunction with Furuno & Warren Hay Marine 1-4 March 2017

HOPIN Tournament 13-14 Mar 2017

HOPIN Tournament 13-14 March 2017 (Mon,Tues)

Warren Hay Marine / Shimano 18-25 Mar 2017

Warren Hay Marine / Shimano Small Boats Tournament in conjunction with Furuno 18-25 March 2017

Easter Tagging Tournament 14-17 Apr 2017

Easter Tagging Tournament 14-17 April 2017

Tutukaka Light Tackle 3-5 Jun 2017

Tutukaka Light Tackle Yellowtail Kingfish Tournament 3-5 June 2017

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2 days ago

Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club

Parenga Canyons on Sunday - 19°c water and hit an old broadbill custom lure on the long rigger out of the blue. Weighed her on our old scales and pulled them down to 62kg ... See MoreSee Less

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Good on ya Tom,that's a beauty!!

Giuliano Cappellari

Wayne Strawbridge

Take a Kid FishingAug 20, 11:00amWhangarei Deep Sea Anglers ClubFor one day only the Tutukaka Marina piers are opened for all anglers aged 12 years and under.
A festival favourite Anchor presents this event is for the whole family. Bring the kids fishing and have the marvelous salty dogs from the Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club measure your catch.
We have prizes for biggest fish, happiest fish, ugliest fish, tiniest fish and much more.
There's an Anchor goody bag for every angler and a shared BBQ at the fishing club after prizegiving.
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Take a Kid Fishing

Here at the W.D.S.A.C we like to hear what the people want. This year we had a few comments floating around about the Warren Hay/Shimano Small Boats. We are wanting to know what the people want. Keep it as a tournament over the whole week and pick your 2 days with a compulsory day the last Saturday.... Or run it how we used to over 2 days. Please comment with your preference so we can discuss this at further committee meetings. If you can put your reasoning for your answer that would be good to see some different ideas. ... See MoreSee Less

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Having it over the week is a better solution. Gives people the best option to choose the days they want. Many small boat tournaments before the change I have not been able to fish due to weather conditions. Having a weeks weather window is a lot better for this. It is often safer also because on tournament days you will go out in conditions that you normally wouldn't because it is a compulsory fishing day. I think more people will enter the tournament if they can choose the days they fish

I like the option of choosing 2 days and compulsory last day. As an option you could spread it out over a longer period and keep a compulsory last day. But definitely prefer choosing than having it on a weekend. Gives us shift workers and people who work weekends options to fish also.

Wanting to add my 2 cents worth, as a first timer to the comp and a complete novice, I enjoyed the format of choosing any 2 days and then compulsory day on the Saturday, lucky for us we fished Thursday, Friday and the Saturday out of Tutukaka, the weather played ball for us so enjoyed it. The reason I would keep it to fish any of the 8 days is for weather windows. Cheers

So for those of you saying there was more numbers before the format was changed i have just gathered some figures from the club. On average..... the last 3 small boats that were run over 2 days had an average of 51 teams. As for the last 3 run over a saturday to saturday format the average is 61 teams. How ever this does not include weather conditions and Whether or not they have been postponed but will give everyone a rough indication

From a self employed perspective we only get Sat & Sun off, so old format suits us and creates a level playing field for all entrants. IMO Sat - Sun format would be more financially beneficial for the club. As for comments on the weather, its the skippers choice whether to sail or not, not the club saying its compulsory. 2 years ago we went on the compulsory day, there were possibly only 4 boats out, but no-one was disqualified for not going, so its not really compulsory is it. And that's all I've got to say about that.

I am in two minds extended days is great for weather but lousy for socialising. If its a choice status quo perhaps something else is required to get punters into the club other days. Maybe the fishing machines or something interactive

But wait - the club has all the information regarding entry numbers over the years, crunch the numbers - they will tell you which format was the most popular. I think entries have been down since the new format was introduced. Small boat comp used to be huge.

Happy with the week long format as it means there should be some good weather in there somewhere resulting in much less likelyhood of postponements....keep up the good work

Keep as is, but add a band for friday night. Add more spot prizes that night. Everyone should be there if Saturday is a compulsory fishing day...

Three days fishing is better than two days fishing. The week long tournament gives a bigger weather window saving the tournament from been postponed

Felt like more of a fishing comp in the old format with everyone booked in for the weekend. Good for people from out of town entering. Definitely looked like more people entered in the old format.

The new format as you can pick your days and not so much pressure to get out over 2 days and dicing with marginal weather calls.

How it is now is way better Much bigger weather windows to choose from

I quite like the new setup but think an extra day may also work. Don't like the Friday Saturday thing at all.

I think the old way is best. But with stay away option on not just small boats but all contests.

Friday sat recover Sunday from hang over

Saturday an Sunday with a sickie on Monday

Keep it over the week,due to the weather...Fish the whole week👍

How it use to be

2days is better for the working fisher person

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Don't miss out!! Book it in your diary now! 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club

Bit of a comparison on last years season. Lets hope next year really kicks off. Apart from the numbers of marlin interesting difference in blue marlin and yellowfin tuna... ... See MoreSee Less

Bit of a comparison on last years season. Lets hope next year really kicks off. Apart from the numbers of marlin interesting difference in blue marlin and yellowfin tuna...

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Not a great tagging ratio

Have you got the catch data from the 14/15 season?

Truly suckerous.

shit house tagging results

Three for me

La nina

Whoa big difference

Bill McCulloch very interesting

Sergei Corfield interesting

Regan Oxenham Josh York

Henry Thomas Braeden Saul

Mark Burt

Kayne Saunderson

Andrew Evans

Shanon Imms

Chris Sadler

Brad Leach

Tony Carpenter

Richard Spicer

James Henderson

Wayne Strawbridge

Ben Hickmer

Brad Bowden

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