June News

End Of Season Trophies & Awards
There are a number of end of season trophies for the Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club (WDSAC), and for the NZ Sport Fishing Council (NZSFC), that are decided each year following nominations from Club members.
NZSFC Trophies
Nominations for NZ Sport Fishing Council end of season trophies must be submitted to the Council by the 7th July (via your Club).  If you think you would like to nominate someone please let us know now !!  NZSFC Trophies up for grabs are:-

Old Man & the Sea Cup – a story must accompany the nomination for this trophy for the most meritorious catch of the season.

The Hart Trophy – best live Marine photograph taken by an amateur photographer (obviously needs a photo!!)

Top Junior Angler Cup – a story must accompany the nomination for this trophy

Volunteer of the Year – this is open to all volunteers who have contributed to the sport of fishing and a story must accompany the nomination.

Club of the Year – this is open to all clubs that have competed successfully, shown an outstanding ability to provide for its members and contributed to the community and a story must accompany the nomination

Angler of the Year – this is open to all anglers who have competed successfully at Club, National and International level, and contributed to the sport of Sport Fishing. A story must accompany the nomination including a list of catches/TR etc, and why this person should be awarded the trophy.

WDSAC Trophies
Nominations for the following WDSAC end of season trophies will close on Monday 8th July:-
Sandy Mackenzie Memorial Trophy – awarded for the most Meritorious Catch of the Season by a Junior Angler

Weighmasters’ Trophy – awarded for the most Meritorious Catch of the Season

Nominations for these trophies should be accompanied by a story and include the reasons why the particular catch should be considered the most meritorious.

**Working Bee – Saturday 13th July
Please come along and lend a hand if you can!! We’re starting at 8:30am !

**Sponsors Night – Saturday 20th July

**AGM & Annual Prizegiving – Saturday 24th August
Our annual prize giving is held on the same day as our AGM and once again it’ll be a special day and an excellent night!!  Your Club needs you to put your hand up and be counted !!!!   Are you someone who is prepared to put a little back into the running of your club?

Well Done to the WDSAC Junior Team
Harry Lowther (Team Captain), Jessie Lawrie, Jacob Lowther and Jamie Taylor – at the Bay of Islands International (light tackle) Yellowtail tournament.  A huge thank you must go to our Junior Team sponsors and all those who have been involved – and a MASSIVE Round of Applause for Skipper Russ Bennetto, Fish Masters Craig Johnson and Sam Yendell, Team Coordinators Brenda Saul, Pete Saul, Craig Smith and Gael Douglas – what a GREAT TEAM!!!!  Check out the report from Team Coordinator Brenda Saul:-

We had a very successful Tournament again this year. Our team was a credit to us. We were told they were the best behaved Junior Team up there, and were complimented on their behaviour, so that’s a real feather in our caps.
We were also asked about the contract/code of conduct signed by both the juniors and their parent/s. Other clubs are interested in implementing something similar.
Our team was in the hunt right up until the last day where unfortunately, they didn’t catch any Kingfish at all. However, it’s good they learn they won’t catch fish every day and they also won’t win the tournament every year.
The Aussie juniors won the junior section, but I think we can still claim that, because after all, it was a Tutukaka boat with a Tutukaka crew.
It’s good to see the junior’s from previous years are also supporting the upcoming junior’s as the Fishing Masters. Dylan Mason has volunteered his services as a Fishing Master next year because Sam Yendell wants to fish it himself as a senior. Sam went straight from junior to Fishing Master.
Because we did all of our own smoking of the fish, Sam taught all of the juniors how to fillet a Kingfish. Most of them had filleted Snapper, but had never filleted a Kingy, so it’s good for them to learn that. They also helped to load and unload the smokehouse on the Thursday, so their only real day off was Friday.
Harry Lowther did a great job as Team Captain and with the thank you speech. It’s pretty daunting for a young fellah to get up and speak in front of that many people, so he did really well.
This year our team also mixed with the other Junior Teams. This does not really happen, but our Team made the effort to introduce themselves to the other Junior Teams. It’s also amazing what a pool table can do to help break the ice.
The Junior Team from Whakatane shared the pool and spa pool with our juniors on Friday, and they also spent time down on the wharf with some of the Aussie juniors fishing. They never get sick of fishing!
What was really heartening to see, were 5 of our previous juniors fishing the tournament as seniors. All of them will be going back to fish it again next year. They also joined us on the Friday afternoon before the prize-giving. Awesome seeing all 5 of them sitting there talking to the juniors.
The Tutukaka Teams did extremely well this year. The team on Great White were looking at second or third place until the boat broke down on Wednesday. Once again, all of these boats had seniors on them who started the Tournament representing our club as juniors.
Team Marlure have fished the Tournament every year since Dylan Christie first went up with the Junior Team in 2013. They had the best placing they’ve ever had this year. Conchita also did extremely well and caught fish every day. Lady Jess did their best……

Winter Opening Hours
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Your Office is currently open seven days from 8am to 4pm

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