Presidents Report 2018

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 74th AGM of the WDSAC.
The financial position of the club has show an improvement over last year, with subscriptions and bar takings being the biggest contributors. The only disappointment however was tournaments, the result being slightly negative due to the bad weather reducing the participant numbers in most competitions.
Fish numbers where up significantly on the previous season with 287 (225 by members) striped marlin caught (225 by members) versus 122 in the previous season. The season kicked in late with fish from the ocean beach area contributing many of these, however many more fish where caught in this area that where unreported as they were caught by visiting anglers.
Our competitions this year made a small loss due to the inclement weather experienced around the tournament dates.
The committee has worked to obtain new sponsorship and maintain existing sponsorship for our tournaments, With the Nautigirls and Asmuss tournaments being well established we have worked towards revitalizing our existing tournaments namely the One Base and Small Boats.  We obtained a new naming rights sponsor “Ramset Reid” for the One Base tournaments this year.
We have changed the small boats tournament format for next year in light of feedback we had to the current three fishing days in seven days concept; we have changed the format back to three days fishing, last fishing day being a Saturday.  We have had great support from our sponsors for our tournaments this year if not for their support the tournament loss would have been greater or would not be possible at all.
Expenditure, planned changes, Repairs and Maintenance
As I reported last year the repair and maintenance costs for the club are an ongoing issue.
This year we have undertaken a number of repair and maintenance items, with repairs to the internal gutters and tile leaks in roof area above the pool area being carried out.  The driveway to the weight station has also been replaced as the original drive was breaking up.
Painting of the upstairs areas was also carried out as the walls and paint finishes have been damaged over the years and it was looking untidy.  The existing inefficient fire place was replaced with a more efficient, higher output unit.
Partial repairs to the deck where also undertaken, replacing the most obvious rotten decking timbers. Repairs to the deck will need to be ongoing as all of the decking timber should be replaced over the next few years.
Future expenditure Items that need to be prioritized when and if funding is available.
Refurbishment of the chiller sliding glass doors and shelving, modernization of the bar area to provide a more efficient and safer work environment, as the bar is the main contributor financially upgrading these facilitates should be seen as a priority.
Replacement of the bar CCTV system and the building intruder alarm system as both are reaching end of life.
Challenges ahead
We have a number of challenges facing the club,
The formation of new clubs that fish areas that where historically accessed from Tutukaka have the potential to erode our membership base, especially for small boat members, we need to be aware of this issue and have plans to counter it.
During the season we have many small boats fishing from Tutukaka especially when fish appear as they did off Ocean beach, many do not weigh their fish or even call them up, the challenge is how to attract them to the club facilities.
We have planned to construct a children’s play ground on the area adjacent the Poor Knights garden, we have however received a set back as the Whangarei District Council as the head lessee denied permission, we have yet to have a discussions with the council as we believe our lease documents do not require us to seek permission it however seems to be indicative of a wider issue relating to land usage in Tutukaka.
The Whangarei District Council has plans for the green which would reduce the access of trailer boats to park on it potentially affecting our tournaments and access for our members, while these plans are not finalized, there have been preliminary designs that indicate this, the closure of the green is being driven by a minority who would be quite happy to see the WDSAC disappear, we need be alert to this issue and be prepared defend the status quo.
Future focus
We need to maximize the WDSAC facilities utilization and revenue, the facility upstairs is underutilized and costs money to have sitting there for the few times a year it is used.
Additional events need to be found or planned so we can obtain revenue from it, however we will need to spend money to make money as much of the upstairs facility including chairs and tables, kitchen equipment is tired or missing.
Retention of existing members and the attracting new members also needs to be a focus as they are the life blood of the club.
Thanks to
I would like to thank the office and bar staff for their work throughout the year, much of which goes unseen.
To our many generous sponsors who sponsorship enables us to have the events we do.
I would like to thank all those club members that have contributed to the club throughout the year; clubs are only successful with the continued input from their members.
Member engagement
A large proportion of the work around the club is undertaken by committee members, this however should not preclude other members from being involved, activities such as assisting at the weigh station during tournaments or assisting in retrieving glasses to the bar in busy periods are examples that can be undertaken by anyone, if you are willing to help in any capacity please do so.
It is your club; it will only continue to be successful with your involvement.