Arthurs Emporium Junior Tournament 2018

What a start to the 2018 Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club’s tournament season!!! A near record number of 79 junior and smallfry anglers joined the Arthurs Emporium Tutukaka Junior Tournament on 13th & 14th January. With not one but two iPhone8 plus cellphones as well as a Quad bike up for grabs, all were eager to get on the water – our ever generous Sponsors Arthurs Emporium, yet again providing a great incentive for the kids to get out there and give fishing a go!!

Day One dawned clear and bright with lots of sunshine and mainly calm warm water contributing to a great fish tally of 1 Snapper, 4 Yellowtail Kingfish, 4 tagged Sharks,1 Shortbill Spearfish, 1 Yellowfin Tuna and 1 landed Striped Marlin (& unfortunately a few “drops”). Day Two saw a tally of 5 tagged Mako Sharks, 3 Shortbill Spearfish and a landed Striped Marlin.
On Saturday, Junior Angler Harry Lowther fishing on “Ngaio” put up a great fight but in the end needed assistance (as a lot of senior anglers would too!) to bring in a mighty 254kg Blue Marlin. While it may not have been a qualifying fish for the Junior contest, well done to Harry for a massive effort and great honesty! The donors of the Barbara & Fred Cotterill Trophy, deciding that the effort put in by Harry was meritorious in more ways than one and he was awarded the trophy for such a meritorious effort.
With just the one Snapper landed, this section was taken out by Taine Donaldson fishing on “Bwana II” with his fish weighing in at 2.18kg. Third in the most points Gameshark section was awarded to Fraser Donaldson on “ Bwana II” for his one tagged Mako shark, with team mate Lauren Ashby in second with two tagged Makos. First place in this section had to be decided by way of a draw with two anglers each tagging three Sharks – Blake Hay and Taine Donaldson both fishing on “Bwana II” and both with 90 points. It was a huge smile for the lucky winner Taine Donaldson who stepped up to accept his iPhone8 plus cellphone (including the latest fish phone cover from Salt Water Connection!)
In the Yellowtail section, fourth place went to Smallfry angler Finn Marsland fishing with Dad Karl on “Mythbuster” with his tagged yellowtail est 6kg, third place went to Oscar Hemingway on “Tribal” with a great 12.36kg Kingfish with brother Ryley Hemingway in second with his fish weighing in at 18.16kg. It was Sonny Pullman also fishing on “Tribal” that took out first place with his Kingy weighing in at 18.80kg on 15kg line – a pending Small Fry Boys Club Record no less!
The Shortbill Spearfish section saw Daniel Martin on “Ngaio” take out fourth place with his fish weighing in at 14.40kg on 24kg line, a pending Small Fry Boys Club Record, with Maddison Cathcart on “Matatoa” in third with her 17.40kg Shortbill. Second place went to Rachael Scott fishing on “Reel Time” with a fine 20.20kg fish, and overall honours in this section went to Jessie Lawrie on “Lady Shanler” with a Shortbill Spearfish weighing in at 21.60kg on 24kg line, another pending Junior Girls Club Record.
Caleb Taylor fishing on “Voi” took home the Tuna prize for his fine 26.80kg Yellowfin Tuna.
The Quad bike for the Small Fry Angler with most points overall Marlin, Shark and Yellowtail went to Lakai Buckler fishing on “Delta” with a 80.4kg Striped Marlin – a fine effort Lakai!
The second iPhone8 plus (including the latest fish phone cover from Salt Water Connection!) for the Junior Angler with most points Marlin went to an obviously delighted Oscar Hemingway with his 91.4kg Striped Marlin – way to go Oscar!
Two very special Fishing Rods, kindly donated by Offshore Custom Sportfishing Rods, were awarded to a boy and a girl angler by way of a lucky draw, and it was congratulations to Rachael Scott and Harry Lowther – popular winners!!!.
It was Spot Prizes all round making sure that every angler went home with a little something for their efforts, thanks to all of our great Sponsors, and with Special thanks to our Special Sponsors Toby & Arthur Brasting from Arthurs Emporium!!