Presidents Report 2017

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 73rd AGM of the WDSAC, with this Presidents report I am attempting to provide a snap shot our year’s results, changes we have made and plan to make as well as the challenges I see the club faces.
The club has achieved a slightly improved financial position with memberships up slightly from the previous year despite a fishing season that was poor. Fish numbers down significantly on the previous season with only a 122 striped marlin caught versus 361 in the previous season.  The persistent south westerly winds did not assist the fish numbers, despite this support for our tournaments was good.
The game fishing calendar is becoming cluttered with more clubs starting tournaments which conflict with ours, our challenge is to differentiate our tournaments from theirs by timing, prizes or format.
Our competitions this year made a profit; the committee has worked very hard to obtain new sponsorship for our tournaments. The new Anniversary weekend “Asmuss Combined Trades Tournament” was highly successful, ran at a profit ,with the naming rights sponsor Asmuss committed to another 2 years of substantial sponsorship.The Contest committee is working on obtaining additional sponsorship for our other tournaments to replicate that success.We have implemented set prize lists for competitions and lucky draws for all prizes where no fish where caught in an effort to encourage competition entries, our competition dates have already been set in an effort to avoid conflicts with other tournaments.
Expenditure, planned changes
During the year we have invested in new POS terminals and software for the office and bar, we are currently in the process of implementing the membership database, stock receipting, inventory control, and stock ordering to provide accurate, timely reporting of day to day sales and profit and loss.
We will be implementing other features of the software such as membership cards, where you will be required to present your membership card to get the member price at the bar, the system will also check that the membership is current therefore making sure we are compliant with the law.  The committee’s aim is to automate or simplify as many of the office and bar repetitive tasks as practical thereby freeing up staff time to concentrate potential revenue gathering tasks such as sponsorship or providing the ability to reduce staffing overhead. The clubs web page has been revamped to enable it to be updated easily, with that and the use of social media we intend to provide more timely updates on competitions, results, events, fish weigh ins and the status of fishing in an attempt to encourage more people into the club facilities. We are also planning to construct a children’s play ground on the area adjacent the Poor Knights garden, we are currently reviewing the plans and investigating funding options for the project.
Repairs and Maintenance
Repair and maintenance costs for the club are an ongoing issue with costs being up this year, the majority of the cost being repairs to the weigh station hoist load cell, hoist electric wiring and the rewiring non compliant cabling under the weigh station.
Going forward we will need to make provision for repairs to the deck as parts of the deck planking are starting to rot and some of the structural elements need to be checked for integrity. Replacement of the both the bar CCTV system and the intruder alarm system will be required as both are reaching end of life.  Refurbishment of the chiller sliding glass doors and modernization of the bar area to increase the work area is other work that needs addressing. A long term solution to deck tent also needs to be investigated as the remaining two sections have only a limited life.
I would like to thank all those members who have given their time and expertise freely to carry out repair work or attended working bees, without their efforts the repair and maintenance costs for the club would probably be unsustainable.
Challenges ahead
The club faces a number of challenges going forward; attracting new members and bringing on junior anglers need to be priorities. Junior anglers are the long term life blood of the club and need to be actively encouraged, while the senior membership is well catered for at the club; club facilities to attract junior members in are nonexistent and need to be addressed.
The club has a heavy reliance on the bar to provide the majority of its revenue, with the recent changes to blood alcohol levels affecting bar patronage and the inevitable future law changes relating to alcohol consumption we could see our bar revenue cut, to forestall this other revenue streams need to be considered. The upstairs portion of the club is underutilized, if the income from bar sales at upstairs events was removed the remaining income would not cover the lighting bill for the area, the challenge is to find a suitable usages that will generate the club revenue.
We also need to manage the public perception of our fishing club, while fishing is the largest participant sport in New Zealand, many people have no connection to it, with the urbanization of society there is a trend among some to see hunting and fishing as something that should be banned we need to be aware of this and actively counteract any of these perceptions. To stick our heads in the sand and just carry on as we have always done will not guarantee the continuation of the club long term.
Thanks to
I would like to thank the committee members for their efforts throughout the year, a big thanks Gael Douglas and Rita Gibson who have been running raffles and joker pot throughout the year, to Kurt Bennetto and Blair Drinkwater who has worked tirelessly and successfully at obtaining new competition sponsorship as well as Danny Douglas for his continuing work as treasurer.  To those committee members standing down this year thank you for your service, particularly Ross Bicknell who is standing down after seven years on the committee.
Thanks to Steve Ball who volunteered to be a part time weigh master and ended up doing the majority of the work.  I would like to thank the office and bar staff for their efforts over the year and for putting up with me while I have been making changes to the computer and POS systems.
And finally thanks to all those people that do the unacknowledged jobs around the club such as supplying the clubs firewood, erecting and removing the tent, assisting in tournaments and collecting glasses during busy times, your efforts are appreciated.
My Final comment
While it is the nature of clubs for the majority of the work to fall to a few members, the low participation in the committee elections is symptomatic of a problem that needs to be addressed; it is your club if you have the expectation that things will just happen without your participation the club will eventually fail.
To plagiarize a quote from JFK “ask not what your club can do for you, but what you can do for your club”