Presidents Report 2016

Welcome everybody. It’s my pleasure to present the Presidents report for the 2016 year at this, the 72nd A.G.M of the W.D.S.A.C.
We had an interesting start to the season with an unusually large number of juvenile Marlin being caught. Politically as a club, we need to be mindful that a lot of other clubs were vehemently opposed to our minimum weight being dropped to 75kg. We also need to tag 50% of our catch, which once again this year, we have done. If people happen to catch a small Marlin and want to eat it, there is no issue with that. However, as a club, having particularly small Marlin come over the weigh station is not a good look.

Financially, the club remains stable as does our membership. There has been some expenditure again this year and some of that was due to equipment failure. Replacing some of these items was less costly than repairing them. I do have to say though, that I’m extremely disappointed only one member who is not staying on committee as per the constitution has chosen to stand. Everyone in this room has a chance this time every year to stand for committee. Unfortunately, the club does not run efficiently by sitting at a leaner or a table espousing words of wisdom. If you believe you can do a better job, then please, I strongly encourage you to stand for committee.

I don’t think there’s a true appreciation or indeed, realisation of the disheartening impact negative comments can have. It’s very easy to criticise, but how about actually talking to a committee member if you’re concerned. That way, you will have the facts and then you can make an informed decision. Remember, these committee members are in fact the very people you have chosen to represent you.

To our Bar Manager, thank you Tru. We have struggled to fill the second Bar Manager role, so thank you Tru for filling in and working those extra hours for us. To our office staff, Sue, Suzanne, Mary and Colleen. Thank you for your hard work over the past year and in particular, during our tournaments. I would also like to thank those members who have helped out during our tournaments. Also, a big thank you to Lew Price, our Weigh Master this year. Thank you also to Deanna Blithe and the Bistro staff.

To the members who have helped at working bees, thank you all. I think once again, this shows the camaraderie and belief in our club. Your time and commitment to the club is truly appreciated. I think that’s something we should never lose sight of. It’snot my club or your club, it’s our club and our club members are what make it work. I would like to thank the committees I have had the pleasure of working with, over the past 2 years in particular. Your support and dedication to the club has been outstanding. In particular, I would like to thank Gael Douglas and Mike McArthur who have both worked tirelessly throughout the past two years. To the incoming committee, thank you to those who are re-standing. To our new committee member, welcome to you Rita and to Pete who is standing down this year, thank you Pete for your contribution and the time and effort you have put into the club over the years you have been on committee.